Hi! My name is Beth. (If this doesn't sound like an AA introduction, I don't know what does.) 

Welcome to Black Spruce Hound, a blog where I talk about....v.v. important things. Like dogs and how I would like desperately to wear a dress with a bustle.

As for what a black spruce hound is, I dunno. It was what I came up with when I needed a name for an Etsy shop that didn't sound (entirely) stupid. There are black spruce trees in the swampy part of the backyard, and a Bloodhound named Scout is frequently sleeping in our doorways and other inconvenient areas. Kismet. Our black spruce hound looks like this:


I live in the woods in Wisconsin with my husband, the dog, a duck, and a chicken. I write this blog, drink a lot of coffee, and have two Etsy shops - one for vintage doodads called BlackSpruceHound, and another one for photography-type-stuff called EMR Imageworks. I'm a (novice) knitter, an irritable sewist, an occasional DIY-er, and can often be found in the kitchen, armed with a whisk.

I started this blog in 2011, having no clue what I was doing. *Spoiler alert* - I still don't know what I'm doing, but I have a good time doing it.

I'd love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at blacksprucehound [at] gmail.com

If you ask me something in the comments, I'll reply in the comments, so always check back. 

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Note: If you send me a nasty email, I will totally publish it on the blog and make fun of it. It's how I roll.
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