Here you’ll find tutorials on how to do simple craft and do-it-yourself projects. These are serious life skills, yo. 


How to Distress Denim
How to Make Polymer Clay Bowls
Make Polymer Clay Pumpkins
How to Distress a T-Shirt
Self-Portrait Tips – How to Take a Darn Good Selfie
How to Distill Rosewater
How to Add a Photo to a Canvas, Part II
How to Add a Photo to a Canvas, Part I
DIY Ombre Hair
DIY PVC Picture Storage Tubes
How to Preserve Old Photos By Photographing Them, Part II
How to Preserve Old Photos By Photographing Them, Part I
DIY Multi-Strand Beaded Necklace
TtV Photography Tutorial Part II
TtV Photography Tutorial Part I
Fix a Broken Nail with Paper Tape
Using a Pressure Canner When You’re Terrified of Using a Pressure Canner
How to Clean Old Bottles
DIY Leaf Print Canvas
Old Lamp to New Lamp
How to Hang Plates Without Hangers
How to Make Jackson Pollock Melted Crayon Art
How to Paint a Vase
DIY Sisal Makeup Brush Holder
DIY Necklace Hanger
Carved Nightstand Redo
What to do When You’re Missing a Button
DIY Bracelet Storage
How to Fix a Hole in a Sweater with Thread
How to Reline a Vintage Suitcase
How to Make Candles from Old Candle Stubs
$3.00 Holiday Centerpieces
How to Replace Earring Earwires
How to Fix a Farting Shoe
How to Make Drawer Dividers
How to Make Laundry Detergent
How to Clean Vintage Metal
How to Wash a Wool Coat
How to Wash Laundry with a Plunger
How to Set a Gemstone
It Started With a Chair (how to weave a new chair seat from old t-shirts)

Sewing and Knitting

Knitting: The Offhand Lace Shawl
Knitting: The Boyfriend Cardigan
Dress to Skirt Refashion
A Black Knit Shawl (And Knowing When to Give Up)
(How To) Sew a Studded Leather Bag with Fringe
Sewing: Baggy Jeans to Skinny Jeans
How to Sew a Leather Wristlet
Button Down Shirt to Sleeveless Top
Sewing: Bedsheet to Bathrobe
How to Make $1 Dust Bags for Purses
Knitting: The Big Brown Shrug
How to Cut a Men’s T-Shirt (So the Neck Stops Strangling You)
Knitting: Poncho/Wrap Thingy
Army Surplus Belt to Fancy Lady Belt
Knitting: The Gathering Cowl
Knitting: The Tess Sontag
DIY Leather Clutch
Knitting: Big Black Cowl
Knitting: The Katniss Cowl
Knitting: The 1930s “3-Hour Sweater,” Finished! 
Butterick B5030
Knitting – Cropped Boatneck Sweater
Knitting – 1953 Shoulderette
Knitting – Slouchy Beret
Plaid Shirtwaist Refashion
Floral Skirt Refashion
Still Knitting – Sleeveless Top
1944 Waistcoat – Finished!
Knitting Away: A Waistcoat From 1944
The 3-Hour Sweater (’30s Knitting Pattern)
Black and Red Jumper Dress Refashion
Peasant Tops from Men’s T-Shirts
Green Skirt Refashion
How to Make Tap Pants
Butterick B4386
Vogue V8788
How To: A Button Down into a Sleeveless Fitted Shirt
Slight Alterations (80s dress, recut)
An Infinity Scarf from a Tee Tutorial
Sewing Bloomers – Colette Patterns Madeleine Mini Bloomers
One-Seam Skirt Tutorial