Hi! My name is Beth. (If this doesn’t sound like an AA introduction, I don’t know what does. Not that I would know from experience. Not that that’s a bad thing. Never mind.)

Welcome to Black Spruce Hound, a blog where I talk about…important things. Like working on renovating a home until you want to pack your bags and move to Bermuda. And also dogs. And food, because let’s be real. And hiking. And mediocre crafting. The stuff of life.

As for what a black spruce hound is, it was what I came up with when I needed a name for an Etsy shop that didn’t sound (entirely) stupid. I still can’t tell if I passed or failed that particular test, I’ve lost all sense of perspective.

Our black spruce hound looks like this:


She’s a delicate angel.

I live in the woods in Wisconsin in the Wyoming foothills in an old Wyoming farmhouse with my husband and the dog. I write this blog, take pictures, drink a lot of coffee, and have an Etsy shop called EMR Imageworks, where I sell prints based off of my photography. I’m a knitter, an irritable sewist, a DIY-er, and can often be found in the kitchen, armed with a whisk.


I started this blog in 2011, having no clue what I was doing. That hasn’t changed much, but I enjoy it anyway.

I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at blacksprucehound [at] gmail.com

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