It’s good ol’ clean-out-the-camera-SD-card time. Haven’t done that in awhile. I took these pictures a month ago, for Pete’s sake. The train in the snow.

The train goes by twice a day, except for weekends. The tracks are a few hundred yards away, so it’s not too loud. But I love the train. I love the whistle, I love that I can hear the sound of the wheels on the track if the wind is calm. (It’s Wyoming. That does not happen often.)

Look, more snow. I think I was trying to be very artsy-fartsy with this one.

Anyway, I’ve been digging through photos and SD cards because I want to reopen the print shop. (Click on the ‘Photos’ tab up yonder.) The shop’s been closed for well over a year and, well, maybe it’s time to reopen it and see what happens.

First I have to get my flipping photo printer working. That might be more difficult than actually setting up shop again.

See you later!

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