I do not have a lot of bighorn sheep pictures. Deer, yes. Rabbits, good god yes. Bighorn sheep, not so much. Bighorn sheep come down from the mountains in the winter to get away from the snow, so there are opportunities to see them. You know, without having to climb up into the mountains. We went out on a drive to see what we could see.

It’s snowed since last Saturday when I took these pictures, but look at that. Just a skim of snow in February; how my heart sings.

It was windier than hell that day, but that did not stop old Matilda here from somehow escaping a pasture and hanging out in the road.

After an hour of driving deeper toward the mountains, where the road ends, there they were. Bighorn sheep up on the hillsides. (Last spring we drove out here and elk were everywhere.)

They were too far away to get good pictures. Story of my life. That just means I’ll have to go looking for them again. Bighorn sheep will come right down to the road. At times, they will lay on the road and will not move for nothin’. Bighorn sheep are weird.

Those clouds rolling in brought wind and snow and cold. It’s been freezing here all week, which has given me lots of opportunities to clean things. And online shop. (Oh God, someone take away my credit card. Yeesh. The thing is about to burst into flames, it’s so hot from use.)

But I’ve ordered garden seeds! Woo-hoo! Come on spring.

See you later!