And by baby, I mean sewing machine. 400 3-ish years ago I bought an old Kenmore Model 48 sewing machine at Goodwill. It sat in its cabinet for 2 reasons – 1) the cabinet has no legs, and 2) I had another machine.

(This is how my feverish, I’m Moving Over a Thousand Miles Away brain worked – I donated my working machine and kept the old one. I wasn’t even sure if it worked, but I refused to move with two sewing machines. I am a dolt.)

So years later I finally set the damn thing up and…it’s out of time. But isn’t she pretty? I had visions of jumpsuits and gaudy pillow covers dancing in my head. My dreams are dashed.

We (and by we I don’t mean me) will try to get the machine back into time without having to take it in to be repaired. Because we are cheap. And because I haven’t a clue who repairs sewing machines around here. My husband is mechanical, he can probably figure it out. (If he can take apart a camera lens, clean it, and put it back together, this should be a cinch.)

I put the bobbin assembly back together and it nearly broke me. An engineering degree from MIT would have been helpful.

If we succeed in getting it back in time, I’ll let you know.

See you later!