It’s cold. It’s been cold for awhile, though not as cold as where we used to live. (Last night I dreamed about riding a bike around town in the winter. In a dress. [It’s not that warm.] And I became deeply offended when I took a digger and a fancy lady in an SUV drove right by and didn’t stop to ask if I hurt myself.)

Anyway. Yesterday morning the frost was heavy.

There are a couple inches of snow on the ground, which will all melt in a few days when the weather turns warm again. (It had better turn as warm as they’re predicting. I’m running out of cute pajama ensembles to wear.)

Around this time last year, back in Wisconsin, there was more snow. Lots. The weather here is a definite improvement, but as a person that dislikes winter…I could do without the entire season. I would live somewhere tropical if not for my intense aversion to humidity. And large bugs. And people wearing tiny swimsuits on beaches.

Aside from that gripping news, the New Year snuck in quietly around here. No big hoopla, no big resolutions. Well, apart from the one to stop eating every sugary thing that crosses my path. I want to climb mountains this summer, not roll down them like a giant blueberry. We’ll see how that goes.

See you later!

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