We love this old house. We feel at home here in a way we’ve never felt at home anywhere else. Even last night, when the husband looked at the 60-year-old light fixtures in the kitchen and said, God this house is old. (I happen to like those 60-year-old light fixtures.) And not to harp on it, but the sunrise/sunset situation helps. Someone, some lovely person, paid a lot of money to have a huge bank of windows installed in the living room. You can see everything. When the sunrise/sunset situation is good, I taketh pictures.

This was a particularly good sunrise over the Bighorns.

Maybe a week later, a particularly good sunset over the…other mountains. West of here. Whatever they are.

I wasn’t going to post these, as this blog is sunset heavy, but hey. What the hell. It’s my blog and I’ll sunset if I want to.

See you later!