Ok, so I fib on the sunrise thing. I am not a morning person. Scratch that, I am not an early-morning person. Anything before 7 AM and I turn into Winifred Sanderson.

Or Madam Mim.

(That I have more than one GIF about hating sunshine saved on my computer probably says something significant about me.)

Sunsets, however, are another matter altogether. Sunsets for me back in Wisconsin were marred by trees. Or by the roof of the garage.

Then I moved to a field. Glory hallelujah.

This is what the sunsets look like when the wind carries down smoke from all the fires burning in Montana.

It was like that for a week or so, and then the wind shifted. I have a view!

It’s not a bad view.

There really was no purpose to sharing these photos other than…they’re pretty. And though I am working on some DIY-type-stuff around the house (they painted the window and door trim the same color as the walls, OMG) there’s nothing to share yet. Until then, we have pretty sunsets.

See you later!

One thought on “Sunrise, Sunset”

  1. What gorgeous sunsets! Our best sunsets are during the winter when the sky is fiery-red. Of course, we can also see them much better when the leaves are off the trees.

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