For reasons that remain murky, this is probably my favorite type of post to write. I share my garbage with you. These are the products I’ve used up since my last Product Empties post.

  1. Shea Moisture Marula Oil Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. This lotion was okay. Even though it’s for sensitive skin, it still stung when applied on freshly shaved legs, so this is one I will not be repurchasing. No bueno.
  2. SOO AE Donkey Milk face mask. While applying donkey milk to my face sounds not at all like a good idea, I like this stuff. You apply a thick layer at night, sleep, then rinse your face in the morning. It’s very hydrating. Will repurchase.
  3. Garnier Whole Blends Honey Repairing Mask. This is a deep conditioner. It smells amazing, but is not the best deep conditioner I’ve used. I would not hesitate to buy it again, even though I’ve gone back to my main chick, L’Oreal Total Repair.
  4. And another hair mask. I BLEACHED MY HAIR AGAIN, OKAY? IT NEEDS ALL THE HELP IT CAN GET. This is the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Mask. Again, it smells amazing. But it’s a pretty tiny tub, and doesn’t work as well as the less expensive and also awesomely scented Garnier. Will probably not repurchase.

  1. Tattoo Junkee Liquid Lipstick. I heard about how great these are, but this one…not so much. Darker colors are hard to formulate, and this one was not formulated well. It is impossible to put this on without it looking patchy. So, even though it is not an empty product, this one went bye-bye.
  2. Garnier Root Amp Root Lifting Spray. Ohhhhh myyyyyy laaaawd. Run the other way. This is a spray mousse and is supposed to give your hair volume. What is actually does is weigh your hair down in a heavy, sticky wet mess. *Shudders.*
  3. Yes to Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser. This is my favorite cleanser, but alas, it is becoming hard to find. It is a gentle cleanser for dry skin. Works great, and I have gone through probably 6-7 tubes. If it becomes readily available again, I will most definitely continue to buy it.
  4. Hask Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner. And another hair mask. Oops. Anyway, this one is pretty good. It smells good and definitely left my hair very soft and shiny. If I can find it in a tub, I will definitely repurchase. And lo and behold, you can get a bottle of it at Walgreens. Shut up and take my money.

And those are the products I’ve used up lately. I hope you enjoyed looking at all my trash.

See you later!

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