It’s been quiet around the old blog lately. There is stuff going on over here in Beth World, thank Moses; even my life isn’t this boring. But there’s nothing I can put on the blog yet. Unless you want to know about the yarn I bought on clearance at Walmart. Or that as I type this, my hair is in a bun on top of my head, marinating in coconut oil and purple shampoo. Or that I hadn’t logged onto here in a week and there were a bunch of comments waiting for me. I always feel like a dick when I don’t reply to comments right away.

Anyway. Today I have pictures. A few weeks ago we went for a walk. This place is weird, it’s all plains and then it’s like the ground gives way to…this.

Apparently, 50 bajillion years ago, this resembled modern day Florida. It was a swampy, jungle-y thing, complete with ancient alligators. Today it looks like badlands and is filled with hoodoos. (And I don’t mean ghosts or voodoo curses, even though that’s what I think of.)

It’s also filled with bunnies. There are many bunny pictures, so brace yourself.

I don’t know what the rabbits live on down in there, but I was very appreciative of their presence.

It was a good walk, the path just makes a loop to and from a parking area. The landscapes out here can be very other-wordly at times. DAMN IT. I could have titled this post “Rabbits on Mars” and no one would have argued with me.

Another missed opportunity.

See you later!

3 thoughts on “A Walk With Bunnies”

    1. I think you’ve got about 30 million years to go before that happens, but isn’t that strange? Although, if I’m honest, I’d rather look at rabbits than alligators.

  1. My first reaction to the bunny pictures was Awwww. They are so cute. My second reaction was that I didn’t know they had rabbits on Mars although from your pictures, apparently, they do. Thirdly, now I’m hearing Elmer Fudd’s voice in my head saying, “Wasically wabbit!”

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