A few days ago I wandered outside with my camera and 50mm lens. And I saw BUNNIES. It was very exciting, though this town is overrun with rabbits (and deer) and you’d think I’d be used to it by now. The day I look at a sweet little bunny and think, meh, will be the day the world ends. Just FYI.

One little guy let me get pretty close and take pictures.

The lilacs are also in bloom. Back in Wisconsin this was usually an end-of-May happening, not a beginning of May event. These lilacs are also taller than me, hence the upward angle.

I did learn something important while taking these pictures. A while back my camera got covered in schmutz while out on the 4-wheeler. The lens I used at the time got it the worst.

And it’s still screwed up.

Every picture I take with the lens has spots that show up in the final photo. I thought it was from inside the camera, but no. It’s the lens. I switch lenses and…no spots. So this weekend I shall either get that lens deep-cleaned, or I will discover that it is now beyond redemption.

I really need to stop breaking things. I’ve lived with my parents for 4 months and have broken one coffee cup, one fancy booze glass, a roasting pan (don’t ask), and left spots on my mother’s beloved apron front sink. And now my poor camera lens.

Have a good weekend! (Mine will be spent alternatively cleaning the lens and praying.)