The last two posts on here have been about books. That’s fine, but enough already. Let’s do fun stuff, like look at more pictures that I took weeks ago and haven’t gotten around to talking about yet. Ahem. These pictures were taken in the Bighorn Canyon Recreational Area. There’s a lot to do there, so much so that I would like to go back and hike. But on this particular day we went to Devil Canyon. It’s an overlook right off the main road that goes through the recreation area. (Why is it called a recreation area and not a park? Who makes these decisions?)

I can’t find out the exact depth of the canyon from the overlook, but from what I remember it’s somewhere in the vicinity of 900 feet.

The canyon was carved by the Bighorn River. Boating is popular here, but I cannot even imagine being on a teeny little boat in that water. No thank you, ma’am. Jim Bridger floated down the river in 1825 on a raft made of driftwood. Methinks Jim Bridger was just off his rocker. It’s also not surprising, you can’t lift a rock out here without finding a sign about how Jim Bridger was there first.


And yes, I took pictures of ravens until they got irritated with me and flew away. (I love ravens. Why, I don’t know.)

There’s a lot of hiking trails around the canyon and 4 old ranches lie within the recreation area’s boundaries. Rattlesnakes be damned; there are few things I enjoy looking at more than old buildings. Why, I don’t know.

Bighorn Canyon, I shall return.

See you later!

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  1. Looks like Wyoming’s version of the Grand Canyon. And I like the first picture of the raven sitting on top of his tree surveying his domain.

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