Would anyone care to look at awful pictures taken with my phone? (I really should upgrade to a non-crappy phone, but I never use my phone. It’s a dilemma.) Anyway. A few weekends ago, on a rainy Sunday, we went to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. It’s one big museum made up of 5 smaller ones. It’s also a Smithsonian affiliate, so it’s a good one, and worth the admission price.

Can anyone else think of museums without thinking of this?

No? Just me? Okay.

A rifle with a pretty lady on it just seemed…interesting.

That’s Teddy Roosevelt’s saddle.

Okay, I frigging love this painting. Like, a lot. It’s called Tonto’s Dream and was painted by David Bradley and I cannot find a print of this anywhere.

I like that one too. It’s a Frederick Remington called Buffalo Bill in the Limelight.

The picture below is a replica of Remington’s studio.

The Plains Indian Museum is dimly lit, so pardon the truly awful picture, but does that not just chap your ass? I had no idea the government used ration tickets on reservations.

Onto something a little more fun, ahem. This is the wheel of fortune from the Irma Hotel, circa 1905.

The below picture is a Buffalo Bill board game, made by Parker Brothers.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. I’ve been to the museum before, but not for about ten years. There’s more to see outside, but every time I go, it’s in the winter and the outdoor exhibits are closed.

Someday I will get myself together and see the whole thing.

See you later!