Last month I mentioned, ever-so-casually, making a jelly doughnut cake. (Yes, I am aware that if you were truly curious about it, you would have googled it. Hush.) I came across this recipe in an issue of Midwest Living at least a year ago and finally baked it.

This is a yeast cake, cut in half and filled with jam and frosting. The recipe is now on the Better Homes and Gardens site, right here.

She’s purdy.

Now, yeast cakes are not for everyone. They take longer to make because you have to let the cake batter rise. The yeast flavor is definitely present.

I fiddled with the recipe a bit. (Of course I did.) I used seedless raspberry jam and cream cheese frosting. I also refrained from baking the cake in a heart-shaped pan because I am not a 14 year old experimenting with her Easy Bake Oven.

The end result was worth the hassle of working with yeast. The cake itself is a little bread-like, and not too sweet. The filling is sweet and tangy. She’s a keeper.

That is all. I just wanted to share the love of cake. Specifically, the love of jelly doughnut cake. There is a chocolate yeast cake in my repertoire that I haven’t made in years; maybe I’ll dig that recipe out soon and give it another whirl.

The world is my oyster. Or cake. Or something.

See you later!