On Tuesdays I usually post something. Half-asleep and written 50% by me and 50% by coffee, but it counts. On this particular Tuesday Scout had more surgery. The growth she had in her mouth was actually a tumor-like thingie (very scientific) that starts down in the jaw. If left unattended it will grow until it either breaks the jaw or can no longer be removed.

Scout is now missing a small piece of bone from the front of her jaw. All the lower front teeth are gone as well as one canine. The bone is reinforced with a steel rod, so now I can refer to her as The Bionic Dog. The vets are confident they got all of the growth. Scout should be good as new. Or good as any other 9 year old dog.

This post is called Downward Dog not because of her health, but because watching her from a downward angle is, to say the least, amusing. I snapped these pictures last week before the big surgery.

I don’t know how she can see anything. Oof.

Anyway. The patient is doing well. Not back to her old self by any means, but supremely unconcerned that someone hacked off part of her jaw. The missing teeth means she’s on a soft food diet for awhile. This morning’s breakfast: meatballs.

No one feeds me meatballs when I’m sick.

Next week will be back to normal around here. Right now I’m more worked up about the surgery than the dog is. Case in point: Instead of letting her sleep in the living room like normal, she’s been in our room at night in case she bothers her jaw or something. And all she does is sleep. And snore.

That dog lives to prove me wrong.

See you later!

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  1. I’m just now reading this so do hope the vet did indeed get all of the growth and that Scout has continued to improve since her surgery.

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