I meant to put up a post yesterday but my darling nephews have given me a cold. Yesterday I felt like something left on the side of the road to die, ergo, I shall babble at you today instead.

The unpacking is complete and the husband and I are settling in. The only problem is that it takes an act of congress to switch your drivers license over. I need two pieces of mail to get a license. Guess who never ever gets mail? *This gal.* I’ll have a Wisconsin license for the next twelve years at this rate.

Ok, so that’s not really the only problem. Another problem is…the dog. Scout handled the travel like a champ. She is queen of her domain. The neighbor’s dogs bark at her and she does not deign to respond. But, of course, peace could not last in the kingdom. Just before leaving Wisconsin her gums swelled up around a missing tooth. It hasn’t gotten better, so off to the vet she went. What we thought was an abscess is actually some sort of growth, and she is scheduled for surgery on Monday. She should be fine, and I’m sure everything will go swimmingly. But that doesn’t mean I won’t worry myself into a frenzy.

Aside from all of that not-so-fun stuff, there have been good things. (Watching Star Wars with my nephews was fun, even though that’s probably when they infected me with their noxious germs.) While the winter out here is the worst in years (of course) and the roads are generally awful (I thought the roads in Wisconsin were bad. They are a pleasure.) we’ve still gotten out and about a little. My parents like to go ride around on the weekends and we’ve tagged along.

Thus far I’ve seen antelope, mule deer, elk, bald eagles, golden eagles, wild horses, and some sort of hawk. And all I’ve gotten are pictures of a single, solitary, wandered-rather-far-from-Yellowstone buffalo.

In the next few weeks I’m hoping to have everything back to some kind of normalcy. The weather here is much warmer than what I’m used to, so hopefully I’ll be able to go out and explore and get some good pictures.

(That is if the wind doesn’t kill me first. The purse I carry is huge and it was so windy the other day that my purse acted like some sort of wind sail. When it’s this windy in Wisconsin it means there’s a g.d. tornado and we all hide in the basement. Out here it doesn’t even faze people.)

Anyway. That’s enough babble for one day. I shall see you later.

2 thoughts on “On a Wednesday Morning”

  1. What gorgeous snow scenery. If you even whisper, “snow” , down here in the South, the city shuts down.

    Sorry about your cold, that what nephews (and nieces) tend to do…spread germs. I’m also sorry about Scout’s medical problem and certainly hope her surgery and recovery go exceedingly well.

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