The weather was gorgeous here for a few weeks and now it’s cold again. Boo. What better way to deny the cold weather than to look at pictures from nice weather? (I think that was a question. Maybe.) I took these pictures on the 12th, when it was warm. Nice and warm. Warm warm.

After looking forward to living out west for so long, now that I’m here, it’s a smidge odd sometimes. Like…oh. That thing that I wanted for years actually happened. Now what? The answer to that question, for now, is getting re-familiarized with the area. (I still remember where most things are in relation to our address 10 years ago. From our current address…I have no idea where I am.)

And then there are things that I have to get used to again. Things like…cattle. Being driven down highways.

Also, there is a distinct lack of trees. (This blog is named for a tree that does not grow out here. If I wanted to be geographically correct I’d have to call it Juniper Hound or something.) I think the views are, you know, acceptable, even without trees everywhere.

I think this was a hawk. Of some variety. And I got a nice picture of his tush.

Last February at this time I was whining because I had nothing to talk about. This year is a major improvement so far.

Let’s see, what else…I finally got my driver’s license switched over. I bought a new coffee maker that gives me way too much joy. If only over-caffeination made a person live longer, I would live to 142. I’ve already scoped out the local thrift stores and had to be physically restrained to prevent me from buying a 1930s freestanding wardrobe.

(But it was so preeeeeetty.)

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Cows, Deer, and a Hawk”

  1. Beautiful scenery and animal life. It must be quite an adjustment to move from plenty of trees to very few. It would be for me, that’s for sure. Now, instead of getting caught behind a slow-moving tractor, you can get caught behind a slow-moving herd.

    Since I’ve never been to Wyoming, thanks for showing us what it looks like there. I didn’t realize you had lived there previously as I thought you’d always lived in Wisconsin. Finding the local thrift store will make for happy hunting or, at least, fun entertainment.

    1. Yup, I (and the husband) lived in both Montana and Wyoming for a little while before moving back to Wisconsin. The lack of trees is a huge change, that is for certain.

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