To gently usher in the New Year, I bring you pictures of a red squirrel. (This is because I don’t really have any resolutions to talk about, or anything like that. The only thing I’m doing is organizing, but you don’t need to see pictures of me alphabetizing DVDs. But seriously, I ordered a big CD/DVD case and put all the movies in there and got rid of all the cases. It’s heavenly. And alphabetized.)

And therefore…a squirrel. He’s been hanging around under the bird feeder recently, looking for dropped seeds.

He has climbed the lilac and jumped onto the feeder, but his head is too big to fit into the holes in the feeder. When I bought a squirrel-proof feeder, I thought that was a load of crap. But they work, much to my shock.

He’s cute, and right now he’s the only one using the feeder aside from a handful of chickadees. And in this snowy place, squirrels and birds are about the only wildlife I’m seeing right now. Unless I count the dog. She’s so big, she’s practically a bear, right?

Close enough.

See you later!