Okay, so this might just be a pet peeve of mine, but almost every foundation I’ve ever tried does not come with a pump. Why. Why must cosmetic companies do this do us. Why must I accidentally pour out enough makeup for 7 people instead of being able to dispense a few neat, tiny pumps. THESE ARE LIFE’S TOUGH QUESTIONS. To top it all off, if you try to buy a pump for foundation, they are expensive and not every pump top will fit onto every bottle.

I present to you…the solution I figured out. Because I am a neat freak and must organize everything, and am tired of getting gobs of makeup everywhere.

I ordered glass bottles with a pump from Amazon. Now. Here’s the thing. Most of these bottles come with a spray pump, and you need ones that come with a ‘treatment’ pump.

These are the bottles I ordered. Guess who ordered the wrong size? *This gal*. I had every intention of ordering 1 ounce bottles, because that’s the size the vast majority of foundations come in, but I screwed up and accidentally ordered 2 ounce bottles. This annoys me. These are the bottles I meant to order.

Either way, they are pretty and blue and come with a g.d. pump.

I transferred the contents over and made labels. I am a label-making machine.

I cannot even tell you how nice this is. The cost of the bottles was less than buying one pump for foundation at Amazon or any other online store.

The only thing I will say is that these babies…um…pump with velocity. If you aren’t careful these things will send makeup flying with both distance and accuracy.

Someday I’ll run out of things to organize.

See you later!

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