The second worst thing that can happen to a coffee drinker happened to me this morning. I ran out of clean coffee cups. (The worst thing, obviously, is running out of coffee.) While I had good intentions to get up early-ish and write this blog post, instead I had to wash coffee cups. And while I was at it, I washed everything else that didn’t fit into the dishwasher. And then the computer was being a dick and I had to restart it.

But I am here now. With coffee and a fully functioning computer.

It’s winter and winter is boring unless you, ya know, go out in the cold and do things. That is something I actively try to avoid. What I have been doing is not super exciting, but worth mentioning. Maybe.

I did a tiny bit of clothes shopping the other day and when did the ’70s look come back around? Flares and Led Zeppelin t-shirts, oh my. (I bought both. Obviously.)

The same day I went shopping and fulfilled all my ’70s style desires, we had a less pleasant errand to run.

Back in May we bought a truck. It’s used, but still a lot newer than the 13-year-old beater I was driving. This truck has ~fancy~ keys. That black fob down there is the actual key, as in, the thingy that gets shoved into the ignition. When we bought the truck I was too frazzled by spending all that money to realize that it only came with one key.

Last week we had another one made. For $250. Hence the finger.

Because that just wasn’t enough money to spend, the dog also had to go to the vet for her shots. You know how the vaccinations expire after one year? Yeah, I want to go back in time to punch myself in the face for ever scheduling vaccinations in January. Right after the holidays.

Scout doesn’t care. She’s 116 pounds of pure sleepiness.

And finally…the snow.

I know I complain about the weather a lot. It’s a competitive sport around here. But ye gods. Monday into Tuesday we were supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow. It’s Wednesday morning and it hasn’t stopped yet. We’ve gotten over a foot of snow. The wind kicked up last night and not only do we have a ton of snow, but it drifted everywhere too.

Today will be spent plowing and shoveling and my husband mentioned something about shoveling off the roof of the house. (I’m not doing that.)

In other, happier news, on Monday my camera and I hit a milestone. I took my 10,000th picture with it. The camera was my Christmas gift in 2015, so I’ve had it for 2 years.

5,000 pictures a year is probably a bit much.

See you later!