I don’t have a lot of Christmas / holiday decorations. Call it what it is, a case of incurable pickiness and a fondness for natural-looking decorations. When you like branches and pine cones and walk into a store and are hit in the face with a ton of glitter, it’s hard to find anything you like.

So. When the weather looks like this, and has looked like this for awhile now, I said to hell with it and started making my own damn decorations. This O Holy Night banner is a free printable from Hymns and Verses. They suggest printing it on cardstock. Guess who threw away all of her cardstock literally three days before finding this? Hmm? This girl. I printed it out on plain paper and glued each letter to a manila envelope. Problem solved.

The 4,812 pine cones from the woods. Did you know you have to bake pine cones you bring home from the woods? I did not know that, and it took forever. (The baking is to kill bugs and dry up sap. There weren’t any bugs left, but ohmylord the sap on these things.)

Doves and nests from Hobby Lobby.

Along with our teeny-tiny tree, this corner of the living room looks festive, at least.

Please ignore the electrical outlet in the middle of the wall. That is not festive.

I stuffed pine cones into tall glass candle holders from the Dollar Tree. I painted the tips of the cones with white paint and covered the paint with white glitter.

(Also. While I was at the Dollar Tree, the woman in line ahead of me spent over $100 on organizational supplies. I was deeply impressed.)

Metal letters from Hobby Lobby.

And finally, I painted this sign. I fully admit that I found the idea for the sign from someone’s Etsy shop but was too cheap to buy a sign that I could make myself. Don’t be like me.

I think I’m done with the crafting. For now, anyway.

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “I Craft, Therefore I Am”

  1. Wow! The view outside your windows looks like a Christmas card. Although, looking at it on a Christmas card would be much warmer than your actual temperature that has to be freezing cold!

    I did not know about baking pine cones, but I do know to look for scorpions hiding inside them from growing up in Florida. I love all of your clever decorations. Much better to stay indoors and make them on days like you’re having although you did find some treasures from your shopping adventures.

    Should I tell you that it will be unseasonally warm on Christmas Day in the South? It won’t feel like Christmas weather, that’s for sure.

    Merry Christmas!

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