I just noticed that ‘Year in Review’ sounds a little ominous. Like I’m in front of the boss for my performance evaluation or something. (I have posted over 700 pictures on here this year, if that counts toward my evaluation at all.)

Anyway. While 2016 was mostly a dumpster fire for most of the world, my personal 2016…was merely a garbage fire. At most, a little trashcan fire.

2016 was the first year I decided not to sit indoors during the winter, huddled under blankets and praying for pancakes. Instead, in January, I went hiking.

In February I made a clutch out of a hardcover book.

I also rearranged my bedroom furniture because I couldn’t sleep. Sounds like me.

March was less than fun. By the time March rolled around, the dog had been to the vet multiple times for ear infections, I had to go to an accountant after getting a letter from the IRS. We had to file Alternative Minimum Tax last year. We did not owe it, but had to file it. Fun!

The month did not suck entirely. I began my ‘Product Empties‘ posts, in which I show my garbage to the world. I enjoy those posts more than I should. I also had one of the weirdest dreams I’ve had in awhile.

April was more fun. There were beaver pictures.

April also held that fateful day when I finally cleaned out my dress collection.

In May I went hiking a lot and also dealt with insomnia again.

June…was weird. Stress + a mosquito bite led to what the doctor called localized hives. Hives that didn’t go away but stayed in one area on my neck, basically, because my body was too freaked out to fight off the venom from the mosquito plus everything else. They put me on steroids and that was the most fun I’ve had in awhile.

My husband actually said to me one day “I can’t wait until you’re off the steroids and go back to being crabby.”

Anyway. In June I turned a cute bedsheet into a bathrobe.

There was also, you guessed it, more hiking. This time in the general area of a place my grandpa did some logging.

In July, cute animal pictures were posted.

I also made brandy slush, and we went to a huge car show. July was not bad.

August was…August. It was my husband’s turn to get hives. The nasty kind that led to an emergency room visit. To de-stress a bit, we did fun things. Like go to an antique show! I’m still pissed I didn’t buy this amethyst skull.

Another car show, plus an auto museum.

Also in August, I moved this entire blog from Blogger to WordPress. It was a big change, to say the least.

In September my parents came for a visit. I made apple pie, dyed my hair pink, and the husband and I got stuck in the woods.

October was fun. Hiking. Polymer clay pumpkins. Agate Falls and Lake Superior.

Ok, well, November was dull. A little of this, a little of that.

And finally, December. This month, I played with Shrinky Dinks like an eight-year-old. I went hunting for pine cones. I made Christmas decorations instead of buying them.

And that wraps up the year.

If a rich relative dies before the end of the year tomorrow, I’ll update this post.

I shall return in 2017. Happy New Year.

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  1. Happy New Year! While enjoying your 2016 review, I realized I somehow missed the treasures you found when you gave your master bedroom a facelift and the not-fun hives you and your husband had. Here’s hoping 2017 is a healthy and less stressful year.

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