It seems like I just did one of these, but I’ve been using up products left and right lately. Therefore, another. (There was another polymer clay post planned for today but I forgot to actually, ya know, make anything.) So here we go. Stuff I’ve used up and want to rant/rave about.



Okey dokey. Clockwise from the top left, shall we?

  1. Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo. There are not words to describe how deeply I loathe this product. Oy vey. It stinks, if you don’t shake the living crap out of it nothing comes out, and you are much more likely to resemble George Washington in a powdered wig than you are to resemble someone with fresh hair. Boo. Hiss.
  2. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara. No. No. Noooooooo. This one is a cult favorite and I don’t know why. If you like natural-looking lashes, then I’m sure it’s great. Otherwise, no. It also smudges on me, so I will not be purchasing this one again.
  3. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Body Wash. My one, my only. It’s my favorite. Will purchase forever.
  4. Alba Botanical Hawaiian Eye Gel. This does…nothing. Just…nothing. It’s not an anti-aging eye cream or anything, it’s just supposed to reduce puffiness and make the undereye area look better. It does do that for maybe 30 minutes. Then…nothing. Will not buy again.


Wow, this is a very negative empties collection. Yikes.

  1. L’Oreal Total Repair Damage Erasing Balm. I love the Total Repair line. This deep conditioner is good stuff. The packaging sucks, because you have to unscrew the lid with wet hands in the shower, but I can live with that. I slather this stuff on, wait 5 minutes, and rinse it out. It leaves my hair really soft and manageable, even though it’s bleached and dyed. I have already bought another.
  2. Shea Moisture Hydrating Mud Mask with Frankincense and Myrrh. First of all, this is what I think of when I see this. but-wait-theres-myrrhThis mask has me conflicted. My initial experience with it did not go so well. The scent was really strong, and it said to apply a thin layer. Their idea of a thin layer is very different from mine. I left it on maybe 5 minutes and it dried so hard I couldn’t talk. When I washed it off, my face was beet red underneath. I thought I was having a reaction to it, but nope. That’s just how hard the clay in this mask will pull on your skin. (When I applied a thicker layer my face didn’t resemble a tomato afterward.) While it does hydrate, it doesn’t hydrate much, and the scent is very strong. I don’t think I’ll purchase it again.
  3. Benefit The Porefessional. Ok, so maybe I shouldn’t include a sample. But it’s my party and I’ll include samples if I want to. I did not like this at all. It’s a makeup primer that is supposed to make your pores look teeny-tiny. My pores aren’t huge to begin with (dry skin problems) but this didn’t do much to fill them in, either. It made my makeup look caked-on. Definitely will not be buying a full-size of this one.
  4. L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer. This is a good one. I use eyebrow pencils just to make my brows a little thicker thanks to over-plucking, and this pencil is really nice. It goes on easily and doesn’t smudge. I will definitely buy again if the new one I’m using turns out to be a dud.

Whew. That seemed like a lot to get through, but it’s always a good day when I can insert a meme into a post.

Have a good weekend!

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