Last week I wrote about Agate Falls. That waterfall is less than 30 miles from the shore, and when you’re that close, you have to go to Lake Superior, right? Right.

It was October and chilly, so yes, we both wore boots. It was like Gomez and Morticia at the beach.


Most (all, maybe) cameras have an option to turn on a grid, so when you look at the LCD screen you can line everything up evenly with a nice square grid. Guess who didn’t do that and had to manually go in and rotate all the pictures so the damn horizon line was straight?

That would be me.

imgp9663 imgp9670

I found my first-ever piece of sea glass (lake glass?) and it’s brown. Finally, I find glass, in the homeliest color. Figures.

Even though it was windy, any day at one of the Great Lakes is still a good day. It’s been years since I’ve seen any of them and it was so nice to sit there and watch the water roll in. I find the water unbelievably soothing, which leads me to believe that in a past life, I was a pirate. Or a salty sea wench. Whichever is preferable.

imgp9672 imgp9674 imgp9689

This was the public beach in Ontonagon. This is the West Pierhead lighthouse. There are two other (much prettier) lighthouses in Ontonagon. One you have to take a guided tour for (boo. Does anyone ever enjoy guided tours? Or does everyone enjoy them and it’s just me that’s annoyed because a guide means less opportunity for mischief?) but the other…not so much.

That’s because the other lighthouse is gorgeous, abandoned, maybe haunted, and is in the middle of nowhere on private property. Curses, foiled again, in other words.

Abandoned lighthouses or not, it was still a good day trip.

See you later!

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  1. I agree that water is soothing and that’s one reason I love the beach. How far are you from Lake Superior?

    1. Lake Superior is about 2 hours north, Lake Michigan is about 2 hours east. So not very far at all.

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