After my husband’s alarm went off this morning I could not fall back to sleep. For the life of me. There is no need for me to be awake before 6 AM, but there I was. Awake. Then, there was this weird noise. I couldn’t figure out what it was until I opened the bedroom window and listened. Rain. It was raining. Beth Before Coffee is not intelligent. It’s rainy and gloomy today and it’s the perfect time to talk about when it wasn’t rainy and gloomy this weekend. We went hiking in the woods again.

We did two separate 3+ mile hikes this weekend and these pictures are from the second one. By the end of it my legs were like cooked spaghetti, but it was worth it.

imgp9479 imgp9480 imgp9482

Last week was definitely Peak Color here. It would have lasted until the weekend, but we had a big wind that knocked a lot down. Any color remaining won’t last long now.

I’ve actually talked about a portion of this hike before, back in the fall of 2014. We hadn’t been back since, and therefore gave it another go, walking further this time.

This is the disadvantage of hiking with someone in better shape than you are. They’re like, hey, let’s go down this road! And you’re back there tying your leg back onto your body like sure, why not, I haven’t actually died yet.

imgp9484 imgp9485 imgp9491 imgp9494 imgp9495

Y’all know I love big trees. This one was particularly large.

imgp9496 imgp9499 imgp9501 imgp9504

I can’t believe we’re in October and I’ve only talked about hiking in the woods a handful of times this fall. The weather was warmer than usual and the mosquitoes didn’t disappear until late in September, and that definitely played a role in my butt staying in the house.

Although, I say that, and I got bit by a mosquito a few days ago. The little bastards.

We should be able to get out into the woods a few more times before the cold sets in. Even when the leaves are down, it’s still nice to get out there and breathe in that mud-and-rotting-leaf smell that is so lovely.

See you later!

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  1. What a lovely hike. Definitely, good to get out there before winter sets in. I’m not sure what leaf color we’ll have here due to the very dry conditions we’ve had, but will have to wait several more weeks to find out.

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