These pictures are from, I think, two different days, so we’ll just lump them together into one post, shall we? The fall colors this year weren’t bad at all, and they aren’t gone yet. Unfortunately, we had a Great Wind blow through before I was able to get out and take a lot of fall color pictures. Just like last year, a lot of the color is yellow and more yellow.

(She says authoritatively while sitting in the house watching I Love Lucy reruns.)

imgp9447 imgp9450 imgp9457 imgp9463

On this jaunt, the husband led me far, far off the road. The man likes to wander, and because he’s the one carrying the water and the snacks, I have to follow. I have no sense of direction whatsoever and am continually shocked that he can wander 1/4 mile or more off a road and not be lost.

I get lost in towns where every street is laid out in a perfect block.


Whenever we go out hiking, the camera is slung across my body. Sometimes I hit buttons on the back of it, and that’s what happened on this day. At some point my stomach changed the color settings and a bunch of the pictures were very bland. Washed out. The picture below was like that but I managed to save it.

imgp9468 imgp9474


imgp9475 imgp9476

Right now the tamaracks are yellow, and soon they will drop their needles. Most of the leaves are down, and thus spells the end of my fall color pictures.

Unless I go out this weekend and take more pictures. Time will tell. I think I’ve been putting up so many hiking/woods posts because we no longer go out and get firewood. Remember the good old days of me complaining about firewood? Oh lord, I just read the post I linked to and wow was the dog skinny back then. It’s like she went from Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt.

Anyway. I shall return after the weekend, with more blathering. See you later!

2 thoughts on “Fall Color Pictures”

  1. The fall pictures of your area are beautiful. I wasn’t sure what kind of color we’d have this year because of our drought conditions, but, happily, the maples are turning their traditional reds and golds so I have hope for the other trees.

    1. We haven’t had a decent amount of red in the last few years. Any trees that turn red tend to lose their leaves before anything else even turns.

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