My husband drove somewhere for his job last week and in the process drove over a bridge in Michigan. To the left was an old railroad bridge, below he caught a glimpse of water. Obviously, he dragged me up there to have a look. The place is called Agate Falls, and I am so very glad he dragged me up there.

First of all, the bridge over the highway is pretty.


From where we parked, there were two options – walk down to the falls, or walk up to the unknown. Obviously we went with the unknown. It led to the train trestle over the water. This bridge is higher than the highway, which you will see in a minute.

I would like to mention how loud the waterfall is, even before you get to the bridge. It freaked me out a smidge. But I did it, I walked out onto the bridge. (It’s now part of a snowmobile trail, hence the lack of train track.)

imgp9579 imgp9582


There’s the waterfall! All the way down there!

imgp9585 imgp9589

And there’s the highway! I somehow managed not to crap myself.


After that, we headed back to the falls. There is a viewing platform built, but the view from there is not the best. You can see a trail that goes under the viewing platform and off into the woods. We followed that and scrambled down the hill to the bottom.

imgp9620 imgp9621

The view was worth the scramble.

imgp9647 imgp9649

The bridge from below.

imgp9652 imgp9653

After viewing the falls (I popped a lung on the way back up that hill, FYI. I forget that hiking in the U.P. is nothing but hills.) we crossed the highway and looked at the Ontonagon River before it hits the falls.

imgp9659 imgp9660

Agate Falls was definitely worth the trip.

See you later!

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  1. These pictures are terrific, thanks for sharing! What a nice husband to share his discovery with you. The falls and bridge were definitely worth the hike.

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