I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but this time of year is a really good time to hit up a few Goodwill stores. They have the Halloween racks out, and they are filled with weird stuff. I love weird stuff. Some of my favorite thrift store finds have come from Goodwill Halloween racks. Case in point – red cowboy boots.


There was also a pair of Tony Lama boots there, IN MY SIZE, and my heart just about stopped. But, of course, they were beat all to hell. Beyond repair.

I tried these on and asked my husband, “Do these look ridiculous?” He said yes, and I said, “Well what would you know!?”


First things first, I cleaned them with saddle soap, then Obenauf’s leather preservative. This made a huuuuge difference. When I first got them, these boots were not made for walkin’. They were dry and stiff. After a good oiling, the leather relaxed quite a bit. (I wrote another post about the importance of oiling leather a few years ago.)

IMGP8855 IMGP8856

The footbed was still a little narrow, but a stretch with a shoe-stretcher was all it took for them to fit.

Love this pic. Super casual. What you can’t see is my baggy flannel shirt, or my hair covered in a coconut oil mask.

IMGP8961 IMGP8975 IMGP8982

Since I had the leather cleaning supplies out, I went ahead and cleaned all my boots.


Oil yer leather.

See you later!

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  1. What a find on your red boots! And the before and after pictures of your boots makes me want to oil my leather, too. What a difference it makes.

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