No, I did not dye my whole head pink. That would be…a lot, just a lot. I have enough hair for two people. What I did do on Sunday, however, was dye the ombre part of my hair pink. Pink hair, it’s not just for the weirdos anymore.

I used Arctic Fox dye in the shade Virgin Pink. (That name made me giggle for about six years, but that’s beside the point.) There is no particular reason why I chose this brand, except that it’s free of a lot of the more weird chemicals. Also, it smells like grape Kool-Aid. It took me forever to place the scent, but that’s what it is.


The instructions tell you to wash your hair with shampoo only, then dry it and dye it. I did not do that, I just dyed my hair. Because I didn’t follow directions, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of color payoff. I also didn’t dye all of the blonde, just some of it. Ya know. Just taking it slow. No big deal.



imgp9230 imgp9246

Much to my absolute shock…that is pink. PINK. Like fuchsia. Virgin pink, my ass.

So here I sit with my violently pink hair. Once it fades, it will be more to my liking. Next time I dye it, I’ll cut the color with conditioner to tone it down a little.

Well played, Arctic Fox, well played. (I don’t really mind. This is the first time I’ve ever dyed my hair, though, and violent pink was not quite what I was after. But it’s still fun.)

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Pink Hair. Very Pink.”

  1. You are a brave woman! In high school, my sister dyed her hair blonde with the help of her girlfriend. But first they decided to strip the color from her hair. Not sure what they used, but her hair was bright orange afterwards. As you can imagine, much panic ensued. Thankfully, they were able to cover the orange with the hair dye and she did turn out blonde. That was many years ago and I can still picture her orange hair.

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