All right, fine, so it was not as dire as the title makes it sound. But it was annoying, and that counts for something, right? Getting stuck in the woods is right up there on the Things That Annoy Beth List, somewhere on page 42. The afternoon began well enough.

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Piney trees. It was a warm day, and I was very much mistaken in my belief that all the mosquitoes were gone, but I didn’t get bitten too badly.


Dried up old ferns.


We found water!


At this point we had gone about mile and hit the end of the trail. The bugs were bothering me, and we decided to head home.

My husband, however, had other ideas. He always has to do just one more thing. We drove down another road and wound up back in a field. There was a really neat old tree standing there.


Could we admire the tree from afar? No. No we could not. When he pulled in closer, he wasn’t driving quite fast enough and the rear passenger tire fell into a hole. A very large hole. A “I just heard the frame smack into the earth” kind of hole.

This happened approximately 1.2 minutes after I looked over and said “we’re going to get stuck back here.”

My husband’s reaction to getting stuck? “Well, that’s interesting.”



The road passed through an old logging job, and he gathered many blocks of wood that were left behind…


…jacked up the truck, and filled the hole with the blocks. After about a half hour of this, we were free.


And we left the hole filled with blocks, so if any other doofus is dumb enough to stop right on top of a big hole, they will be able to drive out.


And that is my story for the day. Stuck in the woods. If we were any more redneck there would be a banjo somewhere in this story.

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Getting Stuck in the Woods, A Cautionary Tale”

  1. My weekend? Not nearly as exciting as yours. Your husband gets points for ingenuity in solving the we’re-stuck-and-will-we-ever-get-out-of-here dilemma.

    1. We were 4 or 5 miles from home. I was not looking forward to that walk, so it was a YOU GET US OUT OF HERE OR ELSE type situation.

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