We’ve had a hell of a time the last few weeks. The husband, generally healthy, broke out into hives for no discernible reason. That was one thing, but the face-and-mouth-swelling the next day led to an emergency room visit. I’m sure receiving that bill will be pleasant. Once he felt better, we decided to go out into the world to do things, in order to de-stress a little. Hence, an antique show! (I typed antique shoe on accident. Good lord.)

Here are crappy cell phone pictures of all the things I did not buy at the antique show.


I didn’t really want to buy old bullets. But that’s my name, so hey. Why not take a picture.


So much antique jewelry. That I did not buy.



Oh mama. Oh baby. This is my antique catnip. Big honking industrial furniture and apothecary cabinets.


Absolutely love pocket watches. I must have looked at dozens of these and did not even look at prices. I am an antique show failure.


In these last two pictures, we find the things that I did not buy that I truly regret not buying. Who doesn’t need an amethyst skull in their life!? Hmm!? I didn’t even ask the price, and I have been kicking myself ever since.


If this inkwell had not been just shy of $300, it would have come home with me. An inkwell. With an elk head. And the pen is balanced in the antlers. OMG. I haven’t exactly been regretting not buying it, it’s way too expensive, but holy crap.

In the end, I walked out there without buying a single thing.

Antique shows. Good for the wallet, bad for the sense of lingering regret.

See you later!

4 thoughts on “All The Things I Didn’t Buy at the Antique Show”

    1. I do sort of regret not buying the inkwell, but at that price it had better write all my letters for me.

  1. Fun to look at all the antiques. By not buying anything, at least you’re not suffering from buyer’s remorse.

    How scary about your husband’s hives and swelling. Hope he is greatly improved by now. Was it a reaction to medication? The face swelling happened to my sister in reaction to some over-the-counter medication. Her face was so swollen she didn’t even look like herself.

    1. Yes, he’s feeling much better. We still don’t know what caused the hives, as he’s not allergic to anything. It may have been triggered by stress, that’s about the best we can figure out. I think we both need a vacation.

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