So…it looks a bit different around here. For 5 years I have hosted this blog for free on Blogger. Yesterday it became a self-hosted WordPress site, and it only caused one minor meltdown and one phone call to my web host’s customer service line, for an issue that would have taken care of itself had I waited another 5 minutes.

Good times.


I will hopefully have everything back up and running as it should by the end of the week. Right now it looks weird, a lot of the links don’t work, and there are probably 17 other issues I haven’t found yet. But it’s here!

The main reason I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress is that I haven’t been happy with how my blog looks for the past year or so. There are certain things Blogger just can’t do, and I was ready for a change. So don’t be alarmed if you pop in here and it looks completely different, or things look wonky.

Or I accidentally delete everything altogether.

That is also a possibility.

See you later!