Yesterday found me in the position of being both bored and forgetful. The bored thing happens. The forgetful part was that I neglected to take anything out of the freezer for dinner. When you’ve got eggs, flour, and time on your hands, why not make fresh pasta? I hadn’t made it in years, and it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

Fresh pasta is not difficult to make, though it’s certainly made easier with a few tools. A food processor makes the dough come together in half the time, and a pasta rolling machine is (almost) non-negotiable. Though, having said that, I started out making pasta with a rolling pin. My upper-arm strength is non-existent, and I would have my husband roll it out those last few millimeters. TEAMWORK.

I use Giada De Laurentiis’s pasta recipe. It’s easy-peasy. (I use only all-purpose flour, FYI. Works like a charm.)


I bought a cheap pasta machine off eBay years ago. It cost me $25 and while the fettuccine cutter leaves something to be desired, it works. A quick roll out, a rest, a run through the cutter, another rest, and a quick boil. That’s it.


Last night’s dinner was pasta with garlic and butter, and then a bunch of veggies on the side that didn’t make it into the picture. The pasta looks rough around the edges because of my budget fettuccine cutter. Don’t judge me, I live on the edge.


I don’t think I am even 1% Italian, but pasta is one of my top comfort foods.

When feeling particularly fancy, I will roll fresh pasta out into sheets and use it in lasagna. Homemade pasta in chicken noodle soup is beyond good. Fettuccine with homemade alfredo sauce is amazing.

All of this is my way of saying…go forth and make pasta. It’s so worth the (minimal) work.

See you later!