If you have a favorite dream dictionary and find that it actually works for you, then bravo, and also can you tell me what it is so I’ll stop Googling everything? And then snorting at it because it’s ridiculous?
In the past week I have had two dreams about driving. In the first one, my dad asked me to give him a ride home in his truck. Ok. No big deal. Except his truck was a log truck, parked in the middle of other log trucks. I climbed in, looked at him and said, “You know there’s no way I can back this thing out of here, right?”
He backed the log truck out and I drove him home. Looking something like this.
The second dream involved someone letting me drive their Rolls Royce Phantom (it was white, too, and am I the only one that dislikes white paint on a vehicle? Yay? Nay?) home.
Now, who in their right mind would let me drive a Rolls?
I managed not to hit anything (including a giant snake in the road) on the way home but then I had to pull it into the garage, which was at a weird angle and a Rolls is a very long car. I eventually managed it after about the 8th try.
It doesn’t take a genius to interpret part of those dreams. Whenever I get into a sticky situation, I want to hand the baton to someone else, or I have difficulty with it. Got that easily enough.
Dreamscloud says to consider the vehicle you’re driving, as each one has a different association. But a log truck? Another dream dictionary says that means I have total control over where my life is going and pardon me while I die of laughter.
I can’t find anything about the Rolls. Something about expensive cars equaling good fortune. Personally, I think my brain just picked a Rolls. For no good reason.
Also, the snake is either a phallic symbol or is a sign of transformation, because snakes shed their skin. What. Those two interpretations are miles apart, so can we just agree that dreams are weird, probably don’t mean much, and if you’re like me and have an overactive imagination, then they are guaranteed to be excessively strange?
Last night I dreamed about going to some back-alley doctor who was a refugee from another country, and she fixed all of my sinus problems.
Now that’s just weird.
Glad we talked about this.
See you later!