These pictures were taken (you guessed it) out in the woods, but they were taken in an area that my grandpa used to log in. Logging, back in the day, with horses. I don’t know if I found the exact area, but we were close enough. The fastest way to get me out in the middle of nowhere is to say, hey, your second cousin twice removed once wiped his boots on that tree. And bam. I’m there.
First thing I spotted was (you guessed it) an old metal pail. It can now join my Beth Finds Old Rusty Junk In The Woods portfolio.

A woodpecker went HAM on this tree. 

We also found several old bottles. My husband looked at me and said your family was definitely here. I gave him aggressive side-eye but didn’t disagree.

There were plenty of old crosscut saw stumps, so somebody logged it years and years ago. If we weren’t in the exact area, we were close, and that was good enough for me.
Have a good weekend!