I talked about railroad tracks last month. I am not a very good original content generator. But I’m cleaning my camera’s memory card again, and going back through all the pictures I took this spring. And I took a lot of them. These were taken at the end of April, if that is any indication that my memory card is full and I need to maybe stop taking pictures for a hot minute.
On to the pictures. There were ducks!

And whatever the heck this thing was! I think it was a heron, I got a look at it before it took off. It’s a bird. A big one. 

I say that I need to stop taking pictures until I can get caught up with the backlog, but in reality am entirely full of it. This weekend I’m planning on getting out, driving around, and getting some pictures of things that I’ve always thought about photographing, but never have. 
Although, the first stop tomorrow morning will be for coffee. I used my last coffee filter this morning. Eeek.
Have a good weekend!