The last time I raided the army surplus aisle at the local(ish) farm store was…January 2015. Well I didn’t think it was that long ago. Yikes. 
Anyway. So my problem is that I like carrying purses that are large enough to hold a family of four, but sometimes that turns into a struggle. Nothing makes you want to get off the big handbag struggle bus like trying to carry a 12 pounder down a narrow store aisle filled with glassware. 
While perusing the army surplus the other day I found this Finnish bag. 

I am not 100% sold on it yet, as I haven’t carried any sort of crossbody bag in…ever, but I am leaning towards liking it. On those days when I don’t want to carry a behemoth around with me, this should be perfect.
It was also $9, which helps push it further into the I REALLY LIKE THIS category. 
This was probably something really awful like a gas mask bag, but I shall go on in ignorance. 
Have a good weekend!