We have had the most craptastic weather for the past two weeks. Rain almost every day, and last night we were under a frost advisory. Nothing says ‘pleasant June weather’ like having to run your furnace. I just had to stop typing in order to take a Zyrtec, because my allergies are planning a hostile takeover again. (This time it’s the oak trees.) So all in all, not the most wonderful few weeks.
Anyway. I’ve been waiting for the peonies to bloom for a week now. And waiting. And waiting. I grew this plant from a bulb, and every year it always has one flower. One big, sad pink flower that is too heavy for the stems to support. But this year, the plant is covered with buds. They just won’t open.

The ants are going their work, and still. No flowers.

I threw the bleeding heart picture in there because this is the first year that it has bloomed beyond May. Usually I get a few flowers early in the year and that’s it, but this year the plant is huge and is blooming all over the place. 
Soon all the roses will be in bloom, as well as the mock orange. That’s the time of year the yard smells absolutely amazing, and attracts every bee in a five-mile radius. 
I just looked up an article about peonies and it said you can clip them before they bloom, as long as the bud is ready to open and is soft as a marshmallow. You shake the ants off and stick it in a vase of water, and it should open. 
See you later, with or without peonies. 

2 thoughts on “Bloom, Already”

  1. I love your bleeding hearts and hope your peonies soon bloom. Peonies remind me of my grandmother because the first time I ever saw them blooming was at her house. For some reason, the hydrangeas here are having incredible blooms this year. Maybe it had something to do with whatever kind of winter we had.

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