I have a problem. I somehow find myself intrigued by scents I’ve never smelled before, and have to debate whether or not to order a perfume that I might end up hating. 
(To explain that a smidge, I have what is either a very sensitive sense of smell, or maybe I can’t smell anything very well. It’s one or the other. Most perfumes smell like chemicals to me, and sweet scents make me nauseous. Powdery scents give me a headache, and so on. I don’t know. All I do know is that it makes finding perfume a real pleasant experience.) 
But hey, sometimes you have to throw fiscal responsibility out the window and try something new. Here are the perfumes I’ve been thinking about lately.

Dita Von Teese Erotique. This popped up in my twitter feed the other day. It’s down to a while-supplies-last situation, and now I have FOMO. Anyway, it’s supposed to be spicy, rosy, leathery, and musky. All of which sounds lovely. 
Giorgio Armani Sí.  I have actually smelled this one before, and it’s amazing. It is floral, woody, and has a note of chypre, whatever that is. (Oak moss and bergamot! Google is my friend.) The only thing I don’t like about this one is the price, which makes me want to cry a little.
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Oh, we couldn’t get through this without Chanel, now could we? Citrus, florals, and earthy notes. And it’s amazing. (I’ve smelled this one too!) And the price makes me want to cry. Again. 
If you’re noticing a DAMN THAT’S EXPENSIVE trend here, you aren’t mistaken. The fancy-pants fragrances never smell like chemicals to me, so I tend to like them more. 

Lubin Black Jade. This is one that I am very curious about, and have never smelled. This is Marie Antoinette’s fragrance. Inspired by the gardens at Le Petit Trianon, this perfume is very floral, with amber and tonka bean. 
This might smell amazing, or atrocious. I can’t decide. And of course it’s expensive. I can buy a sample, however, so I may do that to see if I like it or not. 
And finally, Ralph Lauren Romance. This is a good one. Flowers, moss, and musk. Apparently I like all my fragrances to smell like the damn woods. I smelled this one in a magazine perfume-fold once, and it’s so good. And not cripplingly, that’s-more-than-my-electric-bill expensive.
My birthday is coming up, so I might just have a treat-yo-self moment and pick up one of these perfumes. Or I might dither about it for the next four years. With me, it could go either way.
Have a good weekend!

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