I don’t know what made me think of it, but I just glanced at the clock and realized that I completely forgot to write today’s blog post. Ahem. So it’s a few hours late, but it still counts, right?
These pictures were taken on March 28. WAY TO BE TIMELY, BETH. Jeeeeeeez. 
This is a trail that we have hiked before, but we did it again. The trail looks slightly foreboding when it first starts. 

We hiked it mostly because I wanted to see if the Forest Service (or DNR, or whoever the heck maintains this trail) attempted to move the gigantic tree that fell across the trail. I am pleased to report that the gigantic tree is still there. 

Aside from the gigantic tree that I like so much, there are other interesting things on the trail. Like splitting branches. 

There is an old railroad grade as well, and of course I found a frigging bucket. I can find old buckets and pails anywhere. If only I had this talent with gems or gold, then I would be in business. 

If you hate these in-the-woods posts, then you’re in luck, because the bugs have arrived. Not all of them, but the flies and wood ticks are out. The mosquitoes will be here in a few weeks, and then all the rest of the biting flies will follow suit.

Which means these types of posts are coming to an end until this fall, because the bugs love me and I get bitten to death every time I attempt to venture outside. (Cry face emoji.)

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Trail”

  1. I'm sorry the biting bugs have arrived as I enjoy your hiking photos. My sister and I also attract every biting bug in the area. My mom's lucky because they ignore her and go for us. Even if I'm all covered up, the mosquitoes go for my face. Not fun.

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