Today seemed like a good day for a cute animal picture roundup. Whenever we go hiking, I think I take a lot of pictures of the whole outdoors experience, but no. As it turns out, I mostly take pictures of squirrels. So. Here we go! 
A chipmunk. 

Yes. Work it. 


This was a very judgemental squirrel. I would like you to know this. The husband and I were sitting on the truck tailgate, eating lunch, and this guy was very upset about it.

Do you see that squiggle above the first goose’s wing? That was a piece of lint on the camera sensor. If you have ever cleaned a camera sensor, then you know what a pants-wetting experience that is. But it’s gone now, and my pictures are lint-free.

I have no idea what this is. It’s a big bird. Owl? Hawk? Owk? Hawl?

And a salamander!

I was very excited to see a big salamander, even if it was in a mud puddle. 

Salamanders are 100% adorable, 100% of the time.

Even last summer, when one was in the middle of our living room floor, and we had no idea how he got there.

Still cute.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Animal Pictures – Chipmunks, Birds, and a Salamander”

  1. Looks like a hawk. We have hawks and owls around here. Just the other day in the late afternoon when I was in the yard and heard owls calling each other, one flew right overhead heading in the direction of the other owl. What a sight! And they are absolutely soundless when they glide.

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