1. I have been sleeping a lot better lately. (And all I had to do was rearrange my bedroom furniture and get rid of my feather pillow, because it only took me three years to realize I was allergic to it.) Except, of course, for last night.

Have you ever been so tired that you just cannot fall asleep? Like, you are exhausted. Completely. And your brain just decides to be a massive jackhole and not let you fall asleep. That was me, last night, which led to waking up this morning thinking, oh, is it late? Did I sleep late?

Yeah. I slept late.

2. We have had two house showings in under a week, and if I never have to
push a mop again, it will be too soon. The house looks lovely, but good

3. The pollen is insane. INSANE. I-N-S-A-N-E. My allergies are insane. My poor sinuses are going insane. All of the pollen ratings are High, with maple trees and box elder being the top culprits. (GUESS WHAT TYPES OF TREES ARE ALL OVER BY MY HOUSE. JUST GUESS.)  Thanks a lot, nature. 
This is what I want to do with all the dandelions sprouting up in the yard, and any other thing that’s going to clog my sinuses:

4. (I’ve thought of three things and now I’m stumped. Story of my life.) Oh! I got one!
Lately I’ve been seeing this thing floating around where women add up the cost of all the makeup products they are wearing on their face that particular day.
I wore makeup yesterday, and did a mental tally of what it cost.
I wear drugstore makeup and it was still revolting. 
5. And lastly, in a complete change of subject, have you ever tried this cereal? I bring it up because I just ate a bowl of it while sitting here working on this. (Then my internet cut out. And now I’m back again, still working on it.)

It’s expensive for that tiny little box, but it tastes like sweet potato pie in cereal form, so there’s that.

Apparently I save money on the makeup and then spend it on frou-frou breakfast cereal. Someday I will get my financial house in order, but today is not that day.

Have a good weekend!