At least once a year (okay, more like five, but who’s counting?) I get the urge to discuss, plan, and irritate my husband with talk of vacation. We haven’t been on one in years, and it’s driving me crazy. While I can’t actually go anywhere right now, I can still plan. On something. 
Like, for instance, buying an old camper and renovating it. So cool. 

That’s Ellen Pompeo’s camper. Yowza. That is roughly 972% larger than anything I would ever want to tackle, but it’s gorgeous.  
The color scheme is a bit dark for me, but still fantastic. 
Why I love the idea of buying an old, moldy tin can on wheels and then gutting it, I will never understand.  
Another idea I’ve been loving is taking your dog camping. 
Now, ok, my dog is turning 8 years old next month and I don’t think I could get her to go hiking, much less camping. Not even if I promised her a rib roast afterwards. 
Also, there is an instagram account called Camping With Dogs. I’m not telling you to go check it out or anything, but if you perish from cuteness, don’t blame me. 
Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Dreams – Old Campers and Dogs”

  1. Our family camped in the Smoky Mountains for many years during summer vacation while I was growing up, but I haven't camped in many years. Now, whenever we actually get away for a few days, the beach calls to us.

    My sister's dog loves to ride in the boat with her and her husband.

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