Okay, so I took these pictures exactly a month ago. Hence the snow. I try not to put up hiking pictures too often, but hey, it’s what I do lately. While out a few days ago, on Saturday, I ended up with two wood ticks on me. I am appalled and sad. April is too damn early to have to worry about ticks, but alas. It’s that time of year again. (Insert cry face emoji.) 
Aside from that, we are doing a tiny bit of work on the house (I painted the damned living room ceiling again yesterday, insert rage face emoji) and that’s about it. Having your house on the market is boring, as it turns out. There’s not much redecorating/remodeling left to do, and it’s hard to plan any getaways when that money is earmarked for moving expenses. 
In lieu of having any fun whatsoever (okay, exaggeration) we are hanging close to home and just walking miles and miles over these woods.

See you later!