It’s been snowing all day, and there’s got to be at least six inches on the ground from the last few days. What in the world, April. Get your shit together. 
To make myself feel better, I decided to talk about a hike from last month. There was snow on the ground then, too, but not as much. This hike/walk/jaunt/whatever you want to call it ended up being shorter than planned, coming in at 1.59 miles. Am I the only dork that likes knowing exactly how far they’ve gone? 

On a side note, between the two of us, we bring enough stuff out with us to stage a revolution. Now the husband carries a backpack to corral all of it. We are one step away from wearing Teva sandals and carrying hand-hewn walking sticks made from exotic tree species. 

That’s a lake in this picture, by the way. We thought the trail ran right next to it, and were sadly mistaken. It was still frozen over, so it wouldn’t have been very exciting, but it’s the principle of the thing.

If there is a hill, he will climb it. 

A nuthatch. 

While we would have liked to go further, the trail was flooded. Unfortunately this was not frozen, and looked about a foot deep in the center. So back we went.

And now I’ll go frown out the windows and wish it would stop snowing.

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “1.59 Miles”

  1. I guess that's Mother Nature's April Fools joke a few days late. The pictures are beautiful though. Would this be a bad time to tell you I just returned from several days in Florida where the weather was perfect? Probably, so I won't mention it although it is nice to have family there to visit.

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