I like big handbags. Like…really big. Like, I could smuggle a pound of cocaine and three cantaloupes in here big. The problem with this is that I eventually end up throwing everything I own into the bag, plus a 3-pound camera and a horseshoe. (Not really on the horseshoe.) I do have a purse organizer, and while it is wonderful, it does have one problem – in a truly gigantic bag, it gets squished, rendering it ineffective. 
Meet the truly gigantic bag

And everything in it. This is better than the last time I did this, (linked above) but still not great. I think I had just cleaned out 4,208 receipts the day before these pictures were taken. Personally, I love the ink stains on the purse organizer. It really brings everything together.

To combat the squishing issue, I swapped this…

…for one of these. It’s just a zippered mesh bag that I picked up at a liquidator store, so I don’t have one to link for you. 

I put everything small inside the pouch. Things like expired hand sanitizer. Oy. (Side note – I totally use the hand sanitizer. When you are in the woods, small towns at 3 AM with 24 hour laundromats with no functioning sinks, or other interesting places, THIS IS YOUR ONLY LINK TO CLEANLINESS SHOULD YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM.)

One thing I finally let go of was the damn Maglite. I have carried this thing with me for like 5 years, and do you know how many times I have said, “By Jove, let me whip out my sunshine stick and shed some light on that for you!” 
Never, that’s how many times. 

Ditto for the mirror that I have had for approximately 12 years. I do use it once in awhile, but I mostly use my phone’s screen to check my reflection. 

While I was in there, I also replaced the expired ibuprofen I keep in the pill bottle. I am on top of things.

The end result – sunglasses, wallet, notebook, pouch. The keys and phone are kept in compartments inside the bag. 

After a week of this, I can tell you that it is working. No squishing! No small stuff rattling around everywhere! 
Maybe I should just carry a smaller bag!

My aching shoulders and the imminent arrival of my hunchback are telling me to keep carrying huge bags, so never mind.