I took this picture five minutes ago. Hear ye, doth it raine mightily. Which you probably can’t tell from this picture, but that’s okay too.

After two weeks of annoyances (the dog, already on antibiotics for an ear infection, got a staph infection! somehow some tax forms were missed when I filed, and we had to run back and forth to an accountant! a house showing that was already cancelled once was rescheduled and cancelled again!) the weather warmed up and we were able to catch a break and head outside for awhile. 

I made a very bad, bad mistake. Wanting to get outside more in the winter without freezing to death, I ordered ski pants from Cabela’s. Bad, bad mistake. I think these are made for sedentary activities, because I have ass sweat by the time I take them off. They are like being slowly cooked alive in a bulky, waterproof oven that makes whistling sounds when you walk. 
I call them my marshmallow pants. I think I would be better served by wearing leggings that retain heat. 

These pictures were taken a few days ago, on Sunday, and it was in the upper 40s. I had to take my damn jacket off, I got so hot. (To someone from the north, upper 40s in March is a heatwave.) This road is about a mile from the house, so we didn’t have to go far to get out in the woods.

The warm weather is supposed to stick around for awhile. By this weekend the front yard should be bare, and I will not even attempt to contain my excitement. 
See you later!

2 thoughts on “Spring, Is That You?”

  1. Love the last picture of your sunny snow-covered road. Spring is definitely here with the warm weather, spring flowers, and flowering trees. It was cool when I left for Florida a couple of weeks ago and, apparently, brought the warm weather back with me. We keep expecting another cold blast within the next month, but will have to wait and see.

    Hope your dog is improving. Sorry to hear about the staph infection.

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