I went to bed last night thinking about getting up in the morning, sitting down with hot coffee, and writing a blog post. And then I *actually* got up, drank coffee, watched TV, and forgot all about it. I am not smart. Anyway, what I wanted to mention was that the weather was lovely last week, and the husband and I went out hiking four days in a row, and walked about 12 miles total. 
I know this because I downloaded an app called Runtastic, which tracks routes and distance. The name of the app kills me. Like I run. Yeah right. 

After last week, I could start a series entitled Abandoned Gas and Oil Cans of Northern Wisconsin.  
It’s too muddy to drive around on most of the dirt roads, so we stuck to trails off blacktop roads. SO MUCH WALKING.
It was good though, to get outside and shake off the winter bleh. The geese are back, I’ve heard robins but haven’t seen one yet, and I have worn flip-flops. Twice.



Because it’s just not me if there’s not some kind of ridiculousness, I ripped a huge hole in the thigh of the jeans I usually wear hiking, and therefore bought actual workout clothes, the tight, spandexy kind. 
So I basically look like David Lee Roth circa 1985 when I’m out in the woods. You can see me coming a mile away. 
See you later!

One thought on “Hiking and More Hiking”

  1. Wow, it actually has warmed up. Good for you for getting out and enjoying the nice weather. Our unusually warm weather will return to normal this weekend, but spring has definitely arrived.

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