I don’t know why I like sharing these with you, but I do. Getting the weird out of my head and into the internets. (Previous dream posts – here, here, and here.) So here is last night’s dream, GIF-Illustrated For Your Pleasure. 
In this dream, my husband and I were cleaning out some random old man’s apartment after he died. Why, I don’t know. His wife had disappeared years ago, and he had no other relatives to help him out. We did not know this person, so maybe we were being nice. (Not likely.) So it’s your run of the mill vaguely creepy apartment, one that looks like it hasn’t been updated in 50 years.

One of the doors in this apartment was locked, and we didn’t have the key, so we cleaned out the entire apartment, getting rid of everything. Then we finally got a key from the super, and went inside the locked room.

It was a spare bedroom, and it was beaaaauuuutiful. Gorgeous Victorian wallpaper, full of light from tall windows, with one huge mahogany (my brain is very specific) sideboard along one wall. Across from the sideboard was the bed, made from mahogany and CANOPIED.

In the center of the room was a (you guessed it) gleaming mahogany table. I was going nuts over this table, it was absolutely gorgeous. In the middle of the table was a little wooden dome, like a cover for something. 
I removed the dome and underneath it was the missing wife’s skull. 
Decorated with jewels. 

Right at this moment in my dream, when I was LOSING MY SHIT, there was a noise in the house that woke me up. 
So. If anyone ever figures out what in the name of Zeus’s pantaloons this dream means, then you deserve a cookie. 
Sweet dreams, y’all.